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Acute hepatitis children, Sileri: “There is no correlation with covid or vaccine”

"Most Likely Hypothesis Adenovirus Infection". Pediatricians: "We await a response from science"

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On acute hepatitis in children “there is no correlation with the new coronavirus, nor with the Covid vaccine. The most likely hypothesis would seem a possible adenovirus infection, which normally does not cause hepatitis, but which perhaps in conjunction with another infection or with other factors causes severe liver damage that can cause hepatitis. There are still a few cases, so not much is known about them “. This was clarified by the Undersecretary of Health, Pierpaolo Sileri, who spoke this morning to Radio Inblu 2000, talking about acute hepatitis of unknown origin in children.

“It was not the vaccine against Covid-19, there is no vaccine for children under the age of 5, in the United Kingdom they do not vaccinate them under the age of 10 – remarked Sileri – there is no correlation with the vaccine or with the virus. In the majority of the cases a positivity to adenovirus has been identified, but this is not enough to establish a relationship “.

“The number of suspected cases will be overestimated compared to the real cases labeled as from new hepatitis. Beware of this flourishing of suspected cases, which then perhaps, after a diagnosis, in the vast majority will be removed from the calculation”, underlines the undersecretary.

There are “11 cases reported in Italy, but be careful – he specifies – a report does not mean being sure that it is this acute hepatitis of unknown origin. We know that a liver transplant has been done, and certainly other 3 cases are confirmed “.

PEDIATRICIANS: “WE ARE WAITING FOR SCIENCE ANSWER” – “At the moment we have no certainty about this acute hepatitis form of children. As in all viral situations, unfortunately already experienced in recent years, when such a situation appears we have to wait for science to do its part course. It is useless to try to give answers that could be imprecise, useless or even counterproductive at this moment “. Paolo Biasci, past president of the Italian Federation of pediatricians (Fimp) explains this to Adnkronos Salute.

“At this moment we risk giving partial answers which then, subsequently, pass as ‘wrong’ and we risk compromising the communication addressed to families. We are now in a phase in which scientific investigations and an important surveillance activity are underway. the two fundamental elements to tackle an emerging problem “, he concludes.



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