Today, the US deputy secretary of state will arrive in Islamabad.

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Wendy Sherman, the United States’ Deputy Secretary of State.
  • During her two-day visit to Pakistan, US Deputy Secretary Wendy Sherman will meet with top Pakistani officials.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has directed the aviation division to make preparations for the arrival of the US delegation.
  • Golf carts have also been made available to the US delegation from the arrival gate to the state lounge and other VIP amenities.

ISLAMABAD: US Deputy Secretary Wendy Sherman and her seven-member delegation are scheduled to arrive in Pakistan today for a two-day visit to conduct crucial talks with the country’s civil and military authorities.

A chartered aircraft will arrive the US ambassador and her delegation at Islamabad International Airport.

The delegation has been spared from the COVID-19 quick antigen test and body scanning upon arrival, according to a report in Dawn.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has ordered the aviation division, the senior security officer of the Airports Security Force (ASF), and the airport manager to make preparations for the arrival of the US delegation, according to the report.

The US delegation would be granted access to the China Gate VIP state lounge at Islamabad airport upon arrival. The facilities will also be available to members of the delegation following their departure.

Golf carts will be available from the landing gate to the state lounge, special aircraft will be parked closer to the terminal, and an Aircraft Bridge will be available for easy access.

Sherman travelled to India prior to her arrival in Pakistan, where she held with the country’s top officials.

After CIA Director Will Burns, this will be one of the first high-level officials under US President Joe Biden to visit Pakistan.

According to the State Department, Burns spoke at the annual “ideas conference” of the US-India Business Council in India.

Although Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke with his Pakistani colleague on the margins of the UN sessions and praised Islamabad for its assistance in removing Americans from Afghanistan, Biden, like his predecessors, has yet to talk with Khan.


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