No excuse for assaulting the Minar-e-Pakistan, argues Ali Gul Pir. | Ali Gul Pir About Minar-e-Pakistan Incident
What those 400 guys did was wrong, and it was a crime, he stated in an Instagram video. “This has been going on for a long time.”

Many individuals have started victim blaming and wondering why a lady was at a public park on Independence Day. A comedian, Ali Gul Pir, had a serious reaction to these victim blamers.

The following day she uploaded a photo of herself looking cheerful, even if we believe all your arguments, what those 400 guys did was terrible and awful, he claimed in a series of videos broadcast to his Instagram Story.

“That’s unchanged. Even if she was simply dancing or doing anything else, what they did was wrong and only a morally corrupt person could do it. There should be no ifs ands or buts about it.”

Stop rationalizing the woman’s attack, he said.

“‘Why did she travel to Minar-e-Pakistan?’ Is Minar-e-Pakistan your settee? It’s open to everyone. Citizens. Pakistanis’. It’s not only for bad guys. Isn’t Minar-e-Pakistan a brothel?” Gul Pir remarked. “‘Avoid’. So, where do they go? Don’t go in public, there, or here. So where? “he questioned, rightly concerned about the lack of secure public places for women.
The comedian then recalled his own 90s performances in Pakistan. I went to a lot of concerts when I was 13 or 14, he remarked. “And I saw it. 50-200 guys used to assault couples. They’d beat him up, rip off his clothing, molest and torment him. The cops came, banged them hard, and they fled “in concert four or five times, he claimed.

“It was then. This has been going on for a long time in our culture. You’ve seen the footage of the Minar-e-Pakistan attack, but this was occurring even then “to his supporters. “No more excuses, let’s fix it. I won’t speak to anybody who excuses this in front of me. Stupid people, “said he
“It hurts their ego. Because they’re talking about guys, I should excuse it. Shut up! Stop! Then we may correct the ego.”

He urged males to cease harassing women. “Stop making jokes or remarks about it. Say it’s incorrect “Gul Pir asked.
“Condemn, isolate, and teach them! Let’s turn it into a solution, not an ego trip. ‘I didn’t do that buddy, not all guys’. Let’s repair it and improve society. Simple.”

Thousands have denounced the attack on social media, and some celebrities have called it sexual terrorism. It’s shocking that many still blame the victim, and we’re happy celebrities are speaking up. What occurred had no reason, as Ali Gul Pir said.


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