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Malayalam actor Vijay Babu booked on sexual assault charges; A survivor claims to have raped her several times

A Malayalam film industry actress has accused actor and producer Vijay Babu of sexually assaulting and exploiting her. On his complaint, the Southern Ernakulam Police registered a case against Vijay Babu. This is what the victim claimed.

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Vijay Babu

A Malayalam film industry actress has accused actor Vijay Babu of sexually assaulting her for more than a month. The victim alleged that the defendant, Vijay Babu, physically assaulted and sexually abused her from March 13 to April 14, 2022.

However, Vijay Babu, in his Facebook Live post, dismissed the accusations and said he had done nothing wrong. Additionally, he said he would file a defamation lawsuit and “won’t let it go easily.”

However, the actress/victim, in a post on the Women Against Sexual Harassment group on Facebook, detailed the alleged sexual assault.

The victim, in the post, began by saying that she had known him for a few years in the industry and had worked with him on a movie.

She claimed that during this time he gained her trust by being kind and giving her advice, as she was a newcomer in the film industry without proper guidance.

The victim claimed: “He acted as a savior for me from my personal and professional problems, but under the pretext of sexually exploiting me.”

sexual violence
The victim alleged that the defendant, Vijay Babu, poisoned and sexually assaulted her without her consent.

“As long as I was conscious, I refused to consent to sex. But for him that was not a problem at all, and he ignored my protest, he raped me several times in the past month and a half.”

“When I was unable to consciously say yes or no, he used my body as a tool for his happiness. He forced me and even forced me to do oral sex in a car against my will. She was shocked and unable to speak or respond,” the victim said in a Facebook post.

“I was under his control and was afraid to speak out because of the influence and power they wielded in the film industry. My use was a trap,” the victim says.

Allegations of physical abuse
The victim also described in detail the attack allegedly carried out by Vijay Babu.

“One day, for refusing to have sex, he punched me hard in the stomach when I was on my period. He spat phlegm in my face and forced me against my will. I was so shocked that I didn’t realize what was happening at the time, but I realize today that I was a rape victim.”

The victim also revealed that she has found out that there are many other women who have been caught by this trap by Vijay Babu.

“He videotaped me nude and threatened me with its consequences as well as my life. I fear for his blackmail and for my safety. I can’t shut my mouth anymore. I can’t with this pain anymore. I firmly believe that I will get justice for the sexual and physical assaults I suffered at the hands of Vijay Babu.” No one should go through this pain and trauma again in their life,” he said.

“I am asking all the women who have had this experience with him and have been silenced to speak up because together we can stop him from abusing another girl,” she said in the post.

The case
The rape case against Malayalam actor and producer Vijay Babu has shocked the Malayalam industry. Southern Ernakulam police registered a case against Vijay Babu on April 22, based on a complaint filed by a young actress.

In the complaint, she alleged that Vijaya Babu tortured her several times in her apartment in Ernakulam on the promise that he would give her many opportunities in the film industry. Vijay Babu was later charged with rape and inflicting grievous bodily harm. The police have not yet been able to interrogate Vijaya Babu.

However, on April 26, Vijay Babu appeared on Facebook on air and claimed that the young actress was torturing him. Vijaya Babu also claimed that he was the “real victim” and revealed the identity of the young actress. Vijay Babu said he has enough evidence against the girl.


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