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After the car accident, the Supernatural Star stated that he was “lucky to live”

Fans on social media send their love and support to actor Jared Padalecki in waves following the Supernatural star's recent car accident.

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Actor Jared Padalecki recently had a car accident. Upon learning of the accident, crowds of fans took to social media to express their love for the actor, wishing him well and a speedy recovery.

On social media, fans heard from Padalecki’s supernatural co-star Jensen Ackles that Padalecki was involved in a car accident in which he was the passenger, not the driver. While the actor is said to be recovering at home. Fans did not hesitate to express their love and support.

Details of the car accident are currently unclear, as are the details regarding Padalecki’s health condition. Although the actor is recovering at home, as mentioned above, official sources have not yet confirmed this. According to the fan page that broke the news, the actor Ackles saw the car and was surprised that Padalecki could drive so far. “Jensen saw the car and said he was lucky to be alive,” the tweet read.

Padalecki gained a large fan base over his time as one of the main characters in Supernatural, Sam Winchester. The series maintained high ratings from its premiere in 2005 until its conclusion in 2020. Moreover, the show has won many awards and numerous nominations, including three nominations for a Primetime Emmy Award.

Since the show wrapped, Padalecki has starred in the CW reboot Walker series, Texas Ranger, titled Walker. Despite generally negative reception, the series was greenlit for a third season and currently has a prequel series in development.

The accident was clearly serious as Ackles told the crowd that Padalecki was at the scene. “Lucky to be alive” after that. He also mentioned that Padalecki was very concerned about making it to the conference, so it’s no wonder he didn’t. Ackles used his smartphone to capture the cheering crowd and sent it to Padalecki to cheer him up.

Superhero fans are known to be passionate about the show and its crew. In short, Padalecki’s injury has become a viral topic on social networks. The “Get Well Soon Jared” hashtag was trending on Twitter an hour after the initial report. Many people have publicly shared their good wishes to share with the world.

“Jared is recovering from a serious car accident and is still thinking about his fans at a conference, sending them autographed photos. I hope Jared knows how grateful we are to him,” one tweeted. Another wrote: “Oh my God, she really is the sweetest selfless person on the planet. He had an accident and he still thinks about not letting his fans down… the way he loves us so much! I just want to hug him and protect him from the world.”

Padalecki starred in Supernatural from 2005 to 2020 as the Winchester brothers – paranormal hunters tracking a range of bizarre activities all over the world. It was the longest-running series of sci-fi in North American history and many fans were devastated when it ended. Its legacy is evident in the continued popularity of fan conventions such as this one.

Padalecki has become a household name. Walker Reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger. The series was renewed for a new season last month. A prequel is also in development. The CW app airs new episodes on Thursdays.


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