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Worst Pakistani Dramas of 2020 | UPDATED | Daily Pakistan

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Pakistani dramatization industry is opening new degrees of progress, fame, and accomplishments as time passes. This is the explanation more, and more dramatizations are being delivered, and practically a wide range of issues and stories are being investigated and brought to the table in an expectation that they’d engage just as to make mindfulness among the individuals who decide to watch these shows. Pakistani show watchers have gotten very vocal about the sort of substance they like and things they don’t generally appreciate observing a lot. 

Much the same as each other year, a lot of dramatizations were delivered. Where a few dramatizations did truly well due to the engaging storyline and incredible portrayals, there went along such shows that didn’t generally have a lot to bring to the table. A lot of elements add to making any show most noticeably awful, for example, feeble storyline and bearing, helpless characters, and over-the-top acting. This year, Pakistani show buffs ran over a lot of such dramatizations that were most exceedingly terrible and had every one of those flavours in them that contributed towards their disappointment. A few dramatizations wound up turning into a fool and others, notwithstanding having viewership neglected to really show generous substance.

Here is a list of Worst Pakistani dramas of 2020


Author: Ali Moeen 
Director: Syed Ramish Rizvi 
Maker: iDreams Entertainment 
Channel: ARY Digital 
Primary Cast: Iqra Aziz, Ahmed Ali Butt, Asma Abbas, Madiha Rizvi, Yasir Hussain, Paras Masroor, Tauqeer Nasir, Mariyam Nafees. 
At the point when Iqra Aziz reported her next undertaking after Ranjha Kardi, the watchers had the motivation to be energized since she assumed her job so well in Ranjha Kardi, and her fan following duplicated because of that. Ahmed Ali Butt was likewise going to be a piece of an ideal time show chronic unexpectedly thusly that was another motivation behind why Jhooti was one of the most anticipated plays this year. This was likewise going to be Iqra and Yasir’s first dramatization together. The title of the play wasn’t promising however the meetings of the cast recommended that this dramatization may feature a social issue. Jhooti anyway end up being another of those shows that bank intensely on the cynicism of the principle hero. Not just this, directly as it so happens the circumstances that were appeared in Jhooti were profoundly unconvincing. It was introduced and composed like a sitcom yet it should be a genuine show. 
Jhooti likewise went under serious analysis when the principle hero Nirma lied about being beaten by her significant other to get a separation. The watchers appropriately discovered this upsetting on the grounds that the essayist made a joke of something as genuine as homegrown maltreatment. The closure of this dramatization was similarly as strange as the essential storyline and the content. This consummation was similarly as commonplace and regular as the dramatization itself. This show was as shallow, inconsequential, and exhausting as its title!



Author: Mohsin Ali Shah 
Director: Badar Mehmood 
Maker: Big Bang Entertainment 
Channel: ARY Digital 
Fundamental Cast: Feroze Khan, Hania Aamir, Ramsha Khan, Gohar Rasheed, Shabbir Jan, Seemi Pasha. 
Ishqiya was the ideal illustration of the way that even an elegant cast can’t spare an ineffectively scripted dramatization. This was another show this year that was neither engaging nor sensible. It had probably the silliest characters and the treatment given to the content made it significantly more silly. Those of us who watched this dramatization are as yet frequented by the OST since it was abused to the most extreme so the scenes could be extended. Hamna, the character played by Ramsha Khan must be the most wooden and bizarre character we found in Pakistani dramatizations this year. 
Hania Aamir’s character in the dramatization might have been engaging if Romaissa wouldn’t have appeared as a weird blend of bubbly yet horrendously moronic somely! The greater part of the characters had no clue about what the other individual was experiencing as though they were living in their own air pocket. To such an extent that in any event, when Hamna seemed as though she was experiencing heck, Romaissa imagined like she was unable to perceive what her sister was experiencing. Hamza’s vengeance plan was similarly as strange as the remainder of the dramatization and just the stalwart Feroze Khan fans would have had the option to endure the ludicrousness!


Jo Tu Chahay

Author: Qaisra Hayat 
Director: Ilyas Kashmiri 
Maker: MD Productions 
Channel: Hum TV 
Primary Cast: Imran Abbas, Alizeh Shah, Zarnish Khan, Ahmed Taha, Nargis Rasheed, Areej Mohyudin, Naima Khan. 
Jo Tu Chahay was named ‘Kun Faya Kun’ at first and the first title alone was so encouraging in light of the fact that the passionate country that we are expected that the essayist must bring something too considerable as a result of which she picked quite an important title; turned out the author was playing a trick and wound up effectively tricking the watchers out. As the tale of Jo Tu Chahay advanced, it turned into much more apparent that it was about a whimpering annoying young lady who in spite of having her grandma’s help just couldn’t get herself motivation to be grateful. Mashal was the bone of conflict between the whole family. 
In straightforward words, it was a commonplace ‘mohallay wala cousins wala pyar’ kind of a story where every single cousin was attempting to get snared to each other. Arman needed to wed Mashal. Areesha needed to wed Arman. Bisma needed to wed Hashir. Burhan needed to wed Mashal. Mashal needed to wed Hashir. Eventually, Hashir and Mashal, all through the dramatization who consistently accentuated the way that they were each other’s sibling and sister wound up getting hitched ta-daaa! No big surprise why in an Instagram Q&A meeting, Imran Abbas himself called this undertaking ‘faarigh’, we thoroughly concur with you Imran!



Author: Aliya Bukhari 
Director: Iqbal Hussain 
Maker: MD Productions 
Channel: Hum TV 
Primary Cast: Sarah Khan, Shahzad Sheik, Shehroz Sabzwari, Kinza Hashmi, Nausheen Shah, Zara Noor Abbas, Asma Abbas, Bushra Ansari, Iqbal Hussain. 
The last scene of Deewar e Shab circulated on March 21, 2020, and even following 8 months, we’re actually attempting to sort out the reason for this dramatization and the importance behind its story? Isn’t it interesting that the dramatization which had a decent 40 scenes neglected to convey an obvious message and furthermore neglected to make an effect through the million characters that the story spun around? There were endless characters that whenever handled appropriately, it might have been a drawing in excursion however the helpless course suffocated the boat. 
It won’t not be right to state that the absolute initial 5 scenes of Deewar e Shab were intriguing yet after Nagina’s little girls grew up, the story lost the allure it had. The account of two siblings and their youngsters likewise was exhausting to such an extent that it made the watchers scratch their heads attempting to sort out what the author was aching to show. The closure of this show was so unexpected and the primary character of Khayyam, played by Shehroz Sabzwari still neglected to discover the harmony that he was searching for notwithstanding getting enough opportunities to carry on with life how he would have preferred. Deewar e Shab’s story depended on probably the best work of Urdu writing yet the execution was appalling!


Kahin Deep Jalay

Author: Qaisera Hayat 
Director: Saima Waseem 
Maker: seventh Sky Entertainment 
Channel: Geo Entertainment 
Fundamental Cast: Imran Ashraf, Neelam Munir Khan, Hammad Farooqi, Nazish Jahangir, Saba Faisal, Ali Ansari. 
It won’t be right to state that the watchers were really eager to see Neelam Munir Khan and Imran Ashraf after their uber hit serials Dil Mom Ka Diya and Ranjha Kardi, turned out they were energized without any justifiable cause in light of the fact that Kahin Deep Jalay became Kayi Dil Jalaye on the grounds that their fans were altogether baffled and their blood was bubbled! This show had your regular ‘sazishi bhabhi’ whose pastime was making mountain out of a molehill. It was fascinating to take note of that the essayist attempted to make Shameela a definitive lowlife yet her antagonism was overwhelmed by the ineptitude of the alleged ‘masoom’ characters who decided not to express anything to support their circumstance. 
Saba Faisal assumed the function of Khadija who cherished her kids more than anything other than notwithstanding observing their sufferings, she chose to notice ‘grieve vrat’ in light of the fact that she felt it was too hard to even consider speaking up and put Shameela in her correct spot. This dramatization was very baffling all alone yet what took it to another level was Imran Ashraf’s terrible acting. Clearly, Imran Ashraf attempted to break free from the ‘Bhola’ spell yet it became apparent that he was making a decent attempt, yet he was bombing pitiably also. Imran Ashraf attempted to show Zeeshan’s character as an enthusiastic individual yet it wound up looking irritating. This whole show was baffling to watch and got one of the most terrible that we went over this year.


Mein Na Janoo

Author: Noora Makhdoom 
Director: Furqan Khan 
Maker: MD Productions 
Channel: HUM 
Principal Cast: Sanam Jung, Zahid Ahmed, Affan Waheed, Komal Aziz, Waseem Abbas, Huma Nawab. 
Who might have felt that probably the savvies entertainers in the business would decide to be a piece of the debacle that was Mein Na Janoo. This was the most trivial, crazy, and ineffectively carried on play this year. Directly from the earliest starting point Sanam Jung’s exhibition, Affan Waheed’s white-washed look, and the wretched storyline made the watchers question Zahid Ahmed and Sanam Jung’s decisions specifically. The watchers were left asking why Sanam Jung chose to make a rebound with quite a terrible show. Not just this current Sanam’s overdramatic execution made the watchers question her acting abilities. Indeed, even Affan Waheed’s exhibition was so disillusioning in certain scenes that the passionate scenes looked diverting. Zahid Ahmed even apologized for being a piece of the dramatization and acknowledged that he had not settled on the correct decision! 
A large portion of the watchers abandoned this show following half a month and the individuals who watched it directly till the end had the chance to see the most despicable completion of a dramatization sequential this year! Mein Na Janoo was the most noticeably terrible as far as content, execution, and exhibitions. It was a finished train wreck directly from the principal scene till the last one! This was a dramatization that didn’t have enough substance to cross 15 scenes however it was on air for 37 weeks.



Writer: Iqbal Bano 
Director: Shehrazade Sheik 
Maker: seventh Sky Entertainment 
Channel: Geo Entertainment 
Fundamental Cast: Faysal Qureshi, Madiha Imam, Ayesha Gul, Ali Ansari, Haroon Shahid, Sabeena Farooq. 
Muqaddar was another show this year with the absolute generally searched after and adaptable entertainers yet it was tragically the most exceedingly terrible dramatization of 2020 which was inadequately composed as well as profoundly confused. Much the same as the wide range of various shows on this rundown, Muqaddar had nothing to bringing to the table. It is genuinely heartbreaking when an entertainer of Faysal Qureshi’s height doesn’t just turn out to be important for such a dramatization yet even advances it as a ‘romantic tale’. Not just this, even somebody as skilled as Faysal Qureshi appeared to be making a decent attempt; the highlight was phony and the exhibition wasn’t amazing. Madiha Imam, who is normally so reasonable while picking the tasks she works in frustrated everybody by glossing over a character that began as fascinating yet ended up being very contorted. 
Toward the day’s end Muqaddar was another dusri biwi storyline however with a truly appalling turn. Each time the watchers thought they had seen the most noticeably awful of this dramatization, the author stunned them with another terrible turn! The consummation of this show was the last nail in the final resting place. The individual who had all the qualities to be a lowlife was helpfully transformed into a legend with his subsequent spouse (whom he had seized and constrained into marriage) running a foundation with his representation hanging out of sight! To the extent contorted storylines go, Muqaddar unquestionably started to lead the pack this year.


Thora Sa Haq

Writer: Adeel Razzaq 
Director: Ahmed Bhatti 
Maker: iDreams Entertainment 
Channel: ARY Digital 
Principal Cast: Ayeza Khan, Imran Abbas, Mashal Khan, Saba Faisal, Behroze Sabzwari, Firdous Jamal. 
This was not the first occasion when that Ayeza Khan and Imran Abbas featured in a show with the most commonplace storyline. Thora Sa Haq anyway is the most exceedingly awful show these two have been seen in together. Imran Abbas and Ayeza Khan both by one way or another wind up being essential for the most hackneyed storylines and shockingly consistently the nature of dramatizations they work in is by all accounts disintegrating. Both these entertainers realize that they have the star capacity to make their fans tune into their show thusly despite the fact that Thora Sa Haq was a nauseating wail fest, it was a famous hit. This was another dramatization wherein Ayeza Khan cried from the earliest starting point directly till the end. It was likewise one of those numerous dramatizations in which Imran Abbas assumed the part of the eternity confused legend. 
Thora Sa Haq’s story was another doosri biwi story introduced on screen in the manner it has been indicated so often before also. Ayeza Khan played the bechari spouse and Mashal Khan played the insane one who wedded this man despite the fact that she discovered that he was at that point wedded. Thora Sa Haq utilized the normal, worn out strategies to get consideration from the watchers which have been utilized so often previously and unfortunately enough such shows get the evaluations, accordingly, the producers keep on producing such silly plays.



Author: Misbah Nausheen 
Chief: Mohsin Talat 
Maker: MD Productions and Moomal Entertainment 
Channel: HUM 
Principal Cast: Mawra Hocane, Adeel Hussein, Faryal Mehmood, Kamran Jilani, Hina Khawaja Bayat. 
Dassi was Adeel Hussein’s rebound play and Mawra Hocane likewise assumed the main part in it. Both these entertainers are very fussy about the shows they chose to act in yet they decided to be a piece of one of the most gravely composed and executed dramatizations this year. Daasi’s content disappointed totally and both the main entertainers gave the most noticeably awful exhibitions of their vocation in the show. This was one of those dramatizations which didn’t get viewership like a portion of different shows on this rundown. The main thing watchers were grateful for when the last scene circulated was Mawra’s perfectly styled hair since the majority of the perspectives believed that her haircut was the most irritating part of her search for the show. A portion of the situations in the show were introduced in quite a dodgy way that even those watchers who observed all the scenes couldn’t discover the responses to a portion of their inquiries. 
The moderate movement, baffling exhibitions, and the absolute generally counter-intuitive and overdramatic unexpected developments made Daasi the most noticeably awful Pakistani dramatization of 2020. Tragically an entertainer, for example, Adeel Hussein who has been important for probably the most outstanding dramatizations of the past chose to make a rebound with this show. His fans anticipated better from him and from the two highest creation houses in the business.



Writer: Bushra Ansari 
Director: Iqbal Hussain 
Maker: MD Production 
Channel: Hum TV 
Principle Cast: Bushra Ansari and Family and no others. 
The whole cast and team of Zebaish merit overwhelming applause for giving us a show so terrible this year that it to some degree caused us to disregard the torment and stress brought about by Covid-19 in light of the fact that there’s not so much as a solitary scene of Zebaish that would not make you snicker. Essayist Bushra Ansari merits full credit for offering Pakistani show buffs quite a gigantic kindness and the remainder of her family likewise should be lauded for acting so terrible that it makes you chuckle like hyenas. Dramatization sequential Zebaish is composed by Bushra Ansari, to feature the personality of Shahana, played by her too, as a ‘Mahanta ki moorat’. Shahana has accomplished such a great deal and has given her beginning and end to others that in the most recent scene when she needed to escape to spare her life, she just had one maxi dress available to her. 
All the accomplished entertainers, for example, Asma Abbas, Asad Siddique, Bushra Ansari, Babar Khan, Zara Noor Abbas have acted so terribly that it makes you wonder they, at the end of the day, were not feeling genuine while shooting this undertaking. The story was fairly okay yet the terrible execution and least fortunate bearing by Iqbal Hussain have removed an ounce of interest individuals could’ve created in the story. All the entertainers have exaggerated however much they might want and their overstated articulations send shockwaves in your cerebrum. Inside this dramatization, all the entertainers are rivalling each other to win the honour of who can over-act the most; driving the race are Zoya Nasir and Zara Noor Abbas, followed intently by Asma Abbas and Babar Ali. Bushra Ansari has glanced her prettiest in this show yet even her demeanours are a treat to watch in view of being so uproarious and similarly terrible!



Writer: Misbah Nausheen 
Director: Mazhar Moin 
Maker: seventh Sky Entertainment 
Channel: Geo Entertainment 
Principle Cast: Ayeza Khan, Danish Taimoor, Zainab Shabbir, Ali Abbas, Sania Saeed, Rehan Sheik, Ismat Zaidi. 
This show was advanced as the following enormous thing since this was the absolute first venture of genuine star couple Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor after their wedding. Ayeza Khan had referenced in one of her meetings that she couldn’t want anything more than to work in an average romantic tale with Danish and would need her first film with him to have such kind of a content. Ayeza must’ve imagined that the film could pause, subsequently the content that had such exciting bends in the road probably interested her. Meherposh wound up being quite a failure that you would scarcely discover both Ayeza and Danish advancing it on their web-based media handles. The disaster of Mehru began at the earliest reference point and still proceeds. Mehru got separated on the grounds that her better half Naeem thought she was characterless. Mehru likewise chose to end it all. Mehru was insulted and her standing was discolored. 
This dramatization indicated all the things it ought not have concerning a young lady getting separated. From Shahjahan’s mom to her companion Neha’s mom during her wedding capacity, Mehru was treated as a pariah since she got separated? Shahjahan has cherished Mehru with his entire being, to such an extent that he wound up wedding Mehru’s more youthful sister just to demonstrate the amount he adores Mehru. Exactly when you figure it couldn’t get any crazier, Shahjahan who acted like a ‘bheegi billi’ before Mehru winds up turning into a ‘jungli sher’ before his significant other Ayat on the grounds that he can not stand her? Somebody, if it’s not too much trouble inquire as to for what reason didn’t he will not get hitched in any case when he realized he’d wind up destroying Ayat’s life. The way Ayat and Shahjahan’s mom concocts plans and connivances against Mehru is totally nauseating. Meherposh is the sort of dramatization that one ought to do everything to eradicate from their recollections. Likewise, also, the absence of science between Ayeza and Danish stands out in contrast to everything else as well!



Writer: Maha Malik 
Director: Siraj ul Haq 
Maker: seventh Sky Entertainment 
Channel: Geo Entertainment 
Fundamental Cast: Yumna Zaidi, Shehzad Sheik, Komal Aziz Khan, Daniyal Afzal, Gohar Rasheed, Hina Bayat, Arisha Razi Khan, Seemi Pasha. 
There is no denying the way that Raaz e Ulfat has gathered a fair measure of viewership throughout its run yet the general storyline isn’t just powerless however neglects to convey any reason to the watchers who are watching it. The account of Raaz e Ulfat rotated around the young lady Mushk who came from an exceptionally moderate foundation but since her folks put their trust in her, they chose to give her the opportunity she longed for, in an expectation that it would assist her with accomplishing the scholastic objectives that she was after. The story took an extremely regular turn and Mushk wound up experiencing passionate feelings for just to in the long run disdain her folks for the qualities they emphatically had confidence in and shown her too. 
Raaz e Ulfat likewise turns out to be one such dramatization which has straightforwardly indicated a gay character and there have additionally been sure discussions between supporting characters, for example, Sehba and Nomi where they talked about the illegal things they have been associated with as a team when they were dating. This dramatization has transparently indicated Sehba and Nomi taking medications and devouring liquor. Mushk is currently hitched to a bereft dad of two and a sibling to an intellectually crippled young lady Mohini and in pretty much each and every scene, Mushk is taken care of that she should feel fortunate to have hit a bonanza as Ismail Miyan! The show will have a run of the mill Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam end where Mushk will pick Ismail Miyan over Irtiza. This dramatization has additionally explained how when in adoration, the good judgment and rationale behind good and bad leave the image. Mushk is hitched to Ismail however is indeed meeting Irtiza despite her good faith, precisely how she used to go despite her dad’s good faith to date Irtiza!


This finishes the rundown of Worst Pakistani dramas that circulated in the year 2020. We would already be able to tell that a portion of the shows that circulated as of late will before long make it to the rundown however we didn’t add them since we just added dramatizations that have been broadcasting in real-time for over 10 weeks or finished in 2020. Which one of these shows did you follow and discovered unremarkably? Offer your perspectives.

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